World grain prices will rise

It seems that several factors will cause to undergo serious changes in global grain markets in the coming weeks and months.

Some analysts are trying to assess the impact of drought on grain and soybean prices by providing accurate forecasts of drought rates in South America this year.

Experts believe that due to the severe shortage of water in the cultivated areas of these crops and the possibility of extreme heat in the Atlantic area, the compensation of current shortages is far from expected.

According to information released by BAM Weather, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay will experience significant water shortages in the coming months.

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Accordingly, the prices of corn and soybeans seem to be rising in world markets.

Issues such as strikes and the cessation of grain sales in countries such as Argentina can also contribute to such a trend.

Some believe that growing concerns about restrictions on corn exports to Ukraine and Russia have given rise to grain prices on world markets.

Note that global demand for these products is also on the rise.

Chicago Stock Exchange analysts believe that the prices of products such as soybeans will increase in the trading of this stock exchange, despite the current decline.


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