Date :3 December 2020

Will Polish chicken meat production decrease?

If the COVID-19 outbreak crisis lasts longer, the Polish poultry industry will have to cut production.

It seems that until the closure of restaurants and closure of schools and universities in this country, following the quarantine and start of the second wave of the outbreak  of COVID-19, previous predictions made by experts have been distorted

A group of experts in this country believes that the lack of uncertainty in the current situation is their biggest problem in calculating the amount of production.

Poland currently exports more than half of its chicken meat production.

Meanwhile, the failure to reach a final agreement on the implementation of the Brexit process could severely affect the Polish poultry industry.

On the other hand, the outbreak of bird flu in the European Union has added to the problems of these producers.

It should not be forgotten that the pace of change in the coming months is very high and the Polish poultry industry, despite its high flexibility, has not been able to adapt to some places.

Therefore, if the current trend continues, these producers will have to reduce their activities in order not to face a production surplus.

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