Date :11 April 2021

What are the risks of rising corn and soybean prices in Brazil?

Rising prices of soybean meal and corn in Brazil have caused uncertainty for the current situation for producers of poultry products in this country.

The lack of growth in the price of poultry products in this country, along with the increase in production needs for reasons such as maintaining target markets, has caused the producers of the poultry industry in this country to suffer losses.

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Brazil will continue to export chicken meat

On the other hand, the promises of the Ministry of Agriculture to control the situation do not seem to have come true yet.

The country’s export commitments have forced some southern parts of Brazil to import soybeans from other countries to make up for possible shortages.

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Brazil will import soybean from the United States

Meanwhile, some commentators have warned of the possibility of the premature slaughter of the country’s laying flocks due to the above problems. Under the current circumstances, Brazil is trying to increase its egg production and reach new export markets, which will cause serious problems for its poultry industry.

Estimates suggest that corn prices in the country have risen more than 70 percent and soybeans more than 100 percent over the past year.

Finally, some believe that given the outbreak of COVID-19 and its effects on the country’s poultry industry, may now be time to transfer at least part of the cost of production in the poultry industry to end consumers so that Manufacturers of these strategic products will be able to draw a clear vision for their production in 2021.

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