Date :11 April 2021

What are the reasons for the increase in grain prices in world markets?

Global prices for corn and soybeans on various exchanges are experiencing an upward trend.

Some believe that with the start of the global vaccination process in many countries around the world against COVID-19 and hope for greater economic mobility in the coming months, has been growing the price of products such as corn in global markets.

However, estimates suggest that Chinese soybean imports from the United States have been on the rise, especially since Donald Trump left the White House. This issue can have a significant impact on increasing the price of this product.

According to published statistics, American soybean imports by China since 2020 have been accompanied by an increase of more than 50% compared to 2019.

On the other hand, given the recent rainfall conditions, especially in South America, experts believe that farmers are going through difficult times and the way out of the current crisis will depend on the amount of rainfall ahead.

According to agricultural experts, the process of planting and harvesting soybeans in countries such as Argentina, which is one of the largest producers in the world, will depend on rainfall in the coming weeks.

Finally, these experts believe that if the rainfall trend in the productive areas in this country does not stabilize properly, the improvement of the current situation will be far from expected.

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