What are the most important challenges of using insects in the poultry feed?

Some researchers believe that the complexity of insect organisms can be considered as the biggest challenge in using them in the poultry industry.

Insects have complex organisms, and this has made the description of the constituents of their bodies a major challenge.

Researchers believe that understanding the microbiology of these organisms is of particular importance, given that the whole body of these organisms is used as a source of protein in the production of poultry feed. However, according to the results of the evaluations, the existence of great diversity among different species of insects has differentiated the quality-related data and the availability of products from these organisms.

In the meantime, some are trying to control and change the repulsions in the culture of different countries that can lead to a reduction in the consumption of these products.

It should be noted that the use of insects has become very important because the supply of protein sources required for the poultry industry has undergone many changes in different parts of the world after the COVID-19 outbreak crisis. Therefore, the publication of scientific assessments for poultry industry policymakers in different parts of the world is of particular importance.

It should not be forgotten that the low cost of producing these insects can improve global food security and create new economic opportunities.

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