Do you have a tip or sensitive material to share with Poultryintl? We offer several ways to reach our journalists.

We regularly review submissions, but because we receive a large number, we cannot respond to or investigate every tip.


Anatomy of a good tip

Tips should be newsworthy, meaning they concern systemic problems of timely and broad public interest in poultry industry. The most compelling tips are those that can be corroborated with documentation or evidence.



WhatsApp is a free app that secures phone calls and text messages using end-to-end encryption and allows you to delete messages even after they’ve been read. The app is owned by Facebook and retains a significant amount of metadata about conversations. However, WhatsApp claims neither it, nor third parties, can see users’ private conversations.

For additional anonymity, consider setting up a dedicated phone number to use with WhatsApp. You can do this through several services, such as Google Voice, Skype or Twilio, or you can purchase a prepaid SIM card.

Number : +1 (201) 644-6760



Regular email is convenient but not secure. Do not use it if your information is sensitive or if you are concerned about someone knowing that you are a source.

For more sensitive tips, you can send email encrypted with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Be aware that while the content of PGP-encrypted emails is secure, metadata — such as information about the sender or recipient, time stamps and the subject — is not. Keep in mind that many email providers retain your messages unless you direct otherwise.

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