Date :20 January 2021

The scope of “regional and local scales” in the poultry industry

It seems that the focus of many companies on attracting local and regional customers has been a good solution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Changes in the focus, resources, and strategic plans of such companies on direct communication with local customers can be a major success factor in the current era.

Most of these companies have been trying to increase their customers over the past year by creating dynamic sales systems based on local initiatives.

Some sectors of the poultry industry have completely changed their approach, from international marketing to local activities, and have made good use of various facilities in this sector.

Sustainable production of the poultry industry has been of strategic importance over the past year, and a change in such approaches has been able to maintain this production trend.

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Consumer behavior of poultry products has changed !

The impact of such products on the stability of chicken meat prices, despite the increase in demand in various markets, will certainly be significant.

Some companies have also tried to achieve their business goals with various initiatives in public and social networks.

Meanwhile, internet marketing increases the sale growth vector of such companies and is one of the most important business tools currently used.

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The digitalization revolution in the poultry industry

Under the current circumstances, small companies producing poultry products must think logically about local markets to overcome the crisis.

Assessments show that different communities have also reached a psychologically sound understanding of life with the COVID-19 virus.

The outbreak of the virus has made the poultry industry more in need of innovation. Note that despite new initiatives and innovations, this industry can maintain its growth rate.

Finally, the introduction of new products on a large scale but the scope of regional and local sales can create a new dimension in the industry and improve the awareness of end consumers.


By Dr.A.Gaeini

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