Date :11 April 2021

The opportunity provided by the outbreak of COVID-19 for the poultry industry!

Using online training systems can lead to change in the attitude and behavior of consumers of poultry products.

A group of Indian researchers believe that using online poultry training can increase the attractiveness of this job and improve consumer behavior.

Under the circumstances that due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the use of online educational platforms has been developed, the use of these systems can lead to the creation of a proper culture among consumers of products.

Studies by numerous researchers have shown that public knowledge about the poultry industry is limited. However, media scientists believe that consumer awareness can lead to good communication and good attitudes.

Although it seems that the use of popular media resources will have a significant impact on this direction, recent researchs have shown that online research-based education can improve people’s interest in content and increase the importance of the subject in their mind.

At the end, it seems that the current golden opportunity should not be missed and the infrastructure of the poultry industry should be infused using the infrastructure created in the consumer community.

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