The need to change production policies in the poultry industry of developing countries

The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to economic and food crises in developing countries.

Some experts believe that the effects of COVID-19 on the poultry industry in developing countries have been greater than in other parts of the world.

Problems for small poultry producers in different countries and endangering the livelihoods of these producers have become a major problem for the poultry industry.

Note that the poultry industry significantly contributes to food security in all age groups in these countries.

According to estimates, the human population will reach more than 10 billion by 2050. This increase in population will take place under the circumstances that FAO estimates indicate an increase in the consumption of animal protein in the population living in cities in most parts of the world. Scenarios like this have increasingly industrialized industries such as poultry on the agenda of many countries around the world.

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A strategic solution during the outbreak of COVID-19 for the Poultry industry

However, it seems that the implementation of different phases of quarantine in countries has marked new developments for poultry industry producers. Some experts believe that the lack of sufficient information on various aspects of the outbreak of the disease has increased its effects on various industries, including the poultry industry.

In this regard, developing countries were forced to reconsider their agricultural policies and make changes to ensure that most of their citizens had adequate and cost-effective access to cheap sources of animal protein during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Note that countries involved in civil unrest, political isolation, or low investment in their public health will be at serious risk of food poverty, and cheap poultry products in such cases can solve many problems.

Some experts believe that a proper understanding of the effects of COVID-19 outbreaks will help to formulate appropriate and rational policies in strategic parts of the industry.

Finally, the results of published statistics confirm that the sale of chicken meat in global markets will remain positive in the short term. However, a reduction in the final price of poultry products under conditions where the production costs of this product have increased can lead to an increase in pressures.

The pressures that can lead to a reduction in crop production under conditions where the continuous supply of food is one of the most important concerns of poultry industry activists.

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