Date :21 January 2021

The Mexican poultry industry needs more support

Mexican poultry producers Emphasized on importance of supporting the industry in 2021.

Experts in the Mexican poultry industry believe that there is no indication of the importance of the poultry industry in the 2021 budget of this country.

It seems that the poultry industry of this country needs serious support from the relevant institutions to maintain competitiveness in international markets. In fact, given the outbreak of Covid-19 and its effects on the Mexican poultry industry, supporting the industry could improve the sector’s strategic output.

Estimates show that more than 36.5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product is from the poultry industry. On the other hand, poultry products seem to provide more than 60% of the animal protein table of its citizens and more than 1.2 million people in this country are directly employed in the poultry industry.

It should be noted that the economic growth of the Mexican poultry industry during the Covid-19 pandemic period has attracted the attention of many global commentators.

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The Ministry of Agriculture also named the Mexican poultry industry as one of the most dynamic agricultural sectors in a report, estimating its current value at more than $ 8 billion.

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