Date :3 December 2020

The entry of big companies into the plant-based chicken meat Market: Advantages and Disadvantages

Recently, the largest chicken meat companies in the world are trying to enter the market of plant-based chicken meat products.

Some experts believe that the entry of such companies into the market of these products has several advantages and disadvantages for the poultry industry.

Evaluations show that companies that produce these products are not only investing in the vegetarian population but are also trying to add those who want to reduce their consumption of chicken meat to their customer list.

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Experts believe that big companies can produce products at lower prices. This is an issue that has caused small companies to leave the market in many countries.

However, it should not be forgotten that small and local companies in different countries can use their local ingredients to produce products with the desired taste of the locals. This is an issue that, although big multinational corporations have paid special attention to in recent years, they have not been completely successful.

But the entry of big companies into this field has also brought benefit to the activists of this sector. The wide range of these products on the shelves of various stores is one such advantage. In previous years, customers purchased these products only from specific stores. Nowadays, they can easily buy these products in big stores.

Finally, small companies and startups do not have the advertising facilities of big companies. A point that in some countries has led to the elimination of old and small companies.


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