Date :3 December 2020

The emphasis of the French Ministry of Agriculture on the implementation of biosecurity measures in this country

The French Ministry of Agriculture issued a statement implementing the importance of improving health and biosecurity processes in the poultry industry of the country.

The Avian influenza virus has been identified at a live bird store in Corsica. An issue that seems to have raised concerns among the country’s veterinary authorities.

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Avian influenza has hit the UK

It should be noted that the World Organization for Animal Health has not yet officially confirmed this outbreak.

Meanwhile, poultry farmers in 45 parts of the country are on standby.

The country’s poultry industry executives fear that with an outbreak of the disease in France, the export of poultry products produced in this country will stop.

According to estimates, the outbreak of bird flu in recent years has caused damage of hundreds of millions of euros to the poultry industry in France.

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