Date :20 January 2021

The effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the Indian poultry industry

The Indian poultry industry, which has been making significant progress in recent years, faced a serious crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

The spread of fake news that COVID-19 could be transmitted through poultry products caused the country’s poultry industry to face a real crisis.

Consumption of these products suddenly decreased and the Indian market faced a production surplus. Published statistics show that the price of chicken meat in the country which was more than 40 cents, fell to less than 11 cents in March and April.

On the other hand, the problems caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 have caused the area under corn cultivation in this country to decrease over the past year.

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How will egg producers in India get out of the current crisis?

The country’s agriculture ministry said in a report that the country’s poultry industry had lost more than $ 200 million a day following a 40 percent drop in demand. The loss resulted in the closure of 70% of processing and retail units.

The results of studies conducted by the country’s economists have shown that the Indian broiler farmers have suffered more losses than egg production in this way over the past year.

Published statistics confirm that the poultry industry has prevented the starvation of more than fifty million people by creating jobs in India.

Finally, although it seems that the consumption of poultry products in this country is closely related to various cultural issues, experts believe that the Indian poultry industry will return to its growing conditions by 2021.

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