Date :31 October 2020

Tajikistan makes great strides in egg and chicken meat production

The poultry industry in Tajikistan appears to be growing rapidly.

According to studies, the country’s poultry industry has produced more than 551 million eggs and 15.5 thousand tons of chicken meat from the beginning of this year to September.

The total number of poultry farms in Tajikistan has reached 185, including 39 newly established farms.

Tajikistan previously depended on countries such as Iran, Pakistan, India, China, and Uzbekistan for its eggs, which may have led the government to ban egg imports to support its domestic industries.

The growth of the country’s poultry industry began in early 2018, and first, many farms were set up in the southern regions of the country.

Economic commentators believe that the country’s poultry industry will be able to produce more than 930 million eggs and 30,000 tons of chicken meat by the end of 2020.


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