Date :11 April 2021

Sudden increase in the price of chicken meat in Iran-50% in one day !!!

The price of chicken meat in Iran has increased by more than fifty percent in one day.

Some economists believe that the price increase is due to the lack of poultry feed in the country and serious management problems in regulating the market.

Assessments show that serious problems have been created in the poultry industry of this country, which has led to a decrease in inbreeding and an increase in prices.

This has happened under the condition that the feed consumed in the poultry farms of this country is provided with the financial support of the government.

In recent weeks, government officials have sent requests to buy chicken meat, corn, and soy to various countries, including Ukraine.

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Export of Ukrainian poultry products to Iran

Meanwhile, Dr. Mohammad Ali Kamali Sarvestani, CEO of the National Union of broiler Breeders of Iran, referring to the shortage of grain in this country, said that the reason for the high price of chicken meat in the Iranian market is the decrease in farming over the past 1.5 months.

This sudden price increase has taken place under the circumstances that the poultry industry of this country has produced a huge cost during the last 5 years to design and build a software system called “Samast” to control and balance production and price in the poultry industry.

A system that does not seem to have achieved even its most basic goals!

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