Spain attempts to join the Club of Laboratory Meat Producers

The Spanish government will allocate more than 5 million euros to support laboratory meat production projects in the country.

The Spanish government is working to support laboratory meat production projects in the country to provide sustainable animal protein.

Spanish researchers believe that the production of these products can reduce the environmental risks posed by the production of animal proteins.

Researchers believe that the biggest obstacle to the development of these products is their mass and industrial production.

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At present, and considering the many serious investments that have been made in the production of these products, it seems that the price of meat produced in the laboratory is decreasing day by day.

However, estimates suggest that drug resistance kills more than 700,000 people worldwide each year.

The results of some studies have shown that eating Laboratory Meat reduces the risk of intestinal and heart disease.

It should be noted that currently, dozens of companies are actively studying this issue. The first burger made this way cost more than $ 330,000 in 2013, but this year, you can buy the same burger for less than $ 9.

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