Date :3 December 2020

South Korea seeks to curb HPAI

South Korea is working to prevent the spread of bird flu in the country.

Earlier, South Korean government officials announced the formation of ten different teams to monitor the main habitats of migrating birds to the country. The officials acknowledged that they had taken full control of more than 65,000 small poultry farms.

The first case of the country with the H5N8 strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza occurred in the Cheonan region.

According to laboratory assessments, two recent outbreaks in the southwestern cities of Gunsun and Yangzhou, 50 km from Seoul, have been related to low pathogenic avian influenza.

Thus, after 32 months, South Korea will be included in the list of countries affected by highly pathogenic avian influenza.

It should be noted that outbreaks in this country have not yet been officially confirmed by the World Animal Health Organization.

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