Date :23 October 2020

Publication of the latest production statistics of poultry products in Turkey

Estimates suggest that chicken meat production in Turkey fell more than 10 percent in August from the previous month.

Statistics released by TurkStat confirm that Turkish chicken meat production fell to 605,000 tonnes in August. The figures show that the number of poultry slaughtered in the country’s slaughterhouses has dropped by 9.8 percent to 89 million.

The egg production situation in Turkey is similar to that of chicken meat. Statistics released by the same institute show a 3.1 percent drop in egg production in the country compared to the previous month. The latest figures show a drop in Turkish egg production to 1.6 billion.

turkey meat production also decreased by 8.1 percent compared to the previous month and its production reached 5,167 tons.

Finally, although the production of these products in Turkey has decreased compared to the previous month, estimates indicate that turkey meat production is 9.3%, chicken meat production 2.1% and eggs 0.03% increased between January and August.


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