Date :23 October 2020

Publication of statistics on Russian egg production during the first six months of 2020

Russia has produced more than 26.5 billion eggs in the first six months of 2020.

Estimates suggest that more than 20 billion of these eggs have been produced in industrial systems.

Commentators believe that by examining the country’s production centers, despite the decline in some regions such as the Caucasus, the Volga, and the Urals, it can be concluded that the country has managed to increase its production relatively.

Statistics released by Russian Customs also show that imports of fertilized eggs from CU countries to the country in the first six months of this year increased by 28% to 21.6 million pieces.

On the other hand, the country has managed to export more than 10 million pieces of fertilized eggs, most of its exports have been to Kazakhstan.


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