Date :21 January 2021

Poultry prices have fallen over the past year, the FAO said

The United Nations believes that world food prices will rise to a record during November 2020.

Estimates suggest that These prices reached their highest level in six years in November.

Meanwhile, the organization’s experts have stated that poultry meat has experienced a downward PRICE, despite the increase in the price of beef and pork.

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Chicken meat prices have fallen 36 percent in international markets since 2013

A recent report by the FAO suggests that the pace of US corn sales will grow significantly as China’s demand increases.

The United Nations World Food Program says the COVID-19 pandemic had a severe impact on incomes and rising food insecurity in many parts of the world and climate shocks such as the recent hurricanes in Central America and floods in Africa could exacerbate tensions, the agency said.

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