Date :3 December 2020

Possible effects of COVID-19 vaccine on the poultry industry

The effects of COVID-19 on various industries are undeniable.

Although the poultry industry may have suffered less of the devastating effects of the disease, the industry has witnessed events over the past year that are perhaps unprecedented in the last century.

It should be noted that the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus had a profound impact on various areas of the poultry industry. These effects can ultimately affect employment, investment, production, and individual livelihoods in different societies.

Reports from international organizations indicate that the effects of this pandemic have been asymmetric, and the most vulnerable are usually the poor.

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Impacts of Covid-19 on the restaurant industry as the most stable customers of poultry products

Meanwhile, in the poultry industry, most small and medium-sized companies are exposed to problems related to this disease.

On the other hand, the COVID-19 outbreak crisis can be seen as a catalyst that could drive digital, small, and regional businesses in the poultry industry to the development path.

But the news of a possible vaccine for the disease in the coming weeks has the potential to have a significant impact on the poultry industry.

Although the release of news related to this discovery could be a promising better day for global trade in 2021, it seems that the release of this news will not be able to prevent possible losses of some companies in the last quarter of this year.

Perhaps this is why many countries are trying to allocate various support packages to producers in the agricultural sector.

Experts believe that to outline the possible effects of vaccine supply on the poultry industry, it remains to be seen whether the use of this tool can lead to a rapid reduction in restrictions or not.

Perhaps this is why many experts have stated that even despite controlling the disease, the global poultry trade is not suddenly returning to normal.

Financial markets are expected to improve in areas such as restaurants, hotels, and tourism, which have seen a sharp decline since the pandemic began, and this could affect the amount and type of sales in the poultry industry.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said in recent statements that as the vaccine industry progresses, the global economic recovery will accelerate and a return to the pre-pandemic era will not be out of the question.

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The opportunity provided by the outbreak of COVID-19 for the poultry industry!

However, some experts believe that the inability of vaccine companies to widely distribute this product simultaneously around the world can cause major changes in the consumption of poultry products in different parts of the world.

Experts believe that some predictions made in the poultry industry will be revised.

Finally, some commentators believe that the release of promising news about the development of the COVID-19 vaccine has raised hopes among many manufacturers and will prevent the adoption of layoff policies and reduced production in some companies.


By Dr.A.Gaeini

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