Date :4 December 2020

Opening of the world’s largest insect breeding farm in France

Ÿnsect will open the largest insect breeding farm in the world.

According to the published information, the company has registered a special growth process called ectnsect, which can produce proteins with high digestibility.

If this project is completed by 2022 in the north of Paris, the company will be able to produce more than 100,000 tons of insect-derived protein each year.

 According to the official announcement, the presence of American investors in this project can expand the consumer market for manufactured products in addition to Europe and Asia, to the United States.

The budget raised for the start of the production of this company is more than 425 million dollars. The company’s experts believe that the implementation of this plan will create more than 500 jobs.

Research has shown that Molitor mealworm works positively against other insect species such as black soldier flies.

Commentators believe that these products have the potential to be a viable alternative to the plant proteins currently used in the poultry industry.

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