Date :11 April 2021

Innovation is the key to saving the poultry industry from COVID-19

The current situation of the poultry industry in many countries of the world is unstable and producers are not able to continue breeding with full confidence of definite profitability.

On the other hand, the decline in people’s purchasing power following the outbreak of COVID-19 in many countries of the world has caused manufacturers to be hesitant to increase the prices of their products and try to overcome the above critical period.

The closure of many restaurants and entertainment centers has led to a decrease in the purchase of poultry products.

Estimates suggest that producers with stagnant capital will be able to cope with current economic problems and fluctuations.

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FAO Emphasis on Innovation in Agriculture Against COVID-19

Meanwhile, published reports indicate that some companies and farms are trying to reduce their production costs by reducing their costs in areas such as treatment and prevention. However, the prevalence of diseases such as highly pathogenic avian influenza in different parts of the world can lead to major damage that sometimes can not be compensated for.

It should not be forgotten that chicken meat, unlike other animal protein products, has been well received during the COVID-19 pandemic period, and maintaining this response requires innovative sales strategies.

In fact, under the current conditions and challenges facing the industry, the use of innovative technologies that lead to improved production efficiency can play an effective role in the production of poultry products.

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