Date :20 January 2021

Identification of Highly pathogenic avian influenza in France and Italy

It seems that Highly pathogenic avian influenza is on the rise in Europe.

Veterinary officials in Italy have reported an outbreak of the disease in the country’s wild bird population.

RT-PCR assessments in this country indicate that the H5 avian influenza virus has been detected in eight Eurasian Wigeon ducks in the Drago Jesolo region.

Following the outbreak of the disease, officials have put measures such as in-house traffic control, screening, and control of wildlife reservoirs on their agenda.

Italy is one of the countries where use vaccination against highly pathogenic avian influenza to control the disease. It should be noted that this outbreak has also been confirmed by the World Organization for Animal Health.

On the other hand, inactive monitoring carried out jointly by the French Office of Biodiversity and the National Federation of Hunters has resulted in the discovery of the carcass of a Branta bernicla.

Laboratory tests have shown the presence of the H5 virus of Highly pathogenic avian influenza in the dead bird.

It should be noted that this carcass has been found in an area that is considered an important migration route for birds and therefore, it will pose a special danger to this country.

Officials are trying to control the situation through measures such as outbreak monitoring, area protection, and zoning.

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