Date :4 December 2020
How will the outbreak of COVID-19 save the Ukrainian poultry industry ?!

How will the outbreak of COVID-19 save the Ukrainian poultry industry ?!

With the outbreak of COVID-19, our world is changing at an incredible rate and at the same time, the behavior of consumers of poultry products seems to be changing.

Despite such dynamics in behavior, commentators believe that by the end of 2020 and the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19, such a situation will remain stable and under such circumstances, the analysis of the poultry industry market in different countries will be of particular importance.

Meanwhile, countries like Ukraine, which are struggling with declining production in their poultry industry, can take full advantage of the opportunity and overcome some of the crisis.

Experts believe that the outbreak of COVID-19 and its surrounding quarantines has led citizens of countries such as Ukraine to spend more time at home and in many cases to cook after a long time. Perhaps this is why many of the world’s major news agencies have become more active in their recipes sections.

Therefore, the producers of the poultry industry in Ukraine may be able to encourage their citizens to use poultry products in their daily food consumption and in this way, send part of their production to the Ukrainian food tables.

Especially, according to assessments made in this country, the economic situation of Ukrainian families during the first quarter of 2020 has remained quite stable. An issue that can be considered a great opportunity. Also, market commentators in the country have found that food is still the most popular type of shopping in the country, and most families spend a large portion of their income on food.

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Finally, while some believe that as the outbreak of COVID-19 declines, people will return to restaurants, but this medium-term opportunity could save the Ukrainian poultry industry from some of the current problems.

By Dr.Alireza Gaeini

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