Date :4 December 2020

How will egg producers in India get out of the current crisis?

Indian poultry industry activists are trying to save the egg producers of this sector from the current crisis with widespread promoting about the nutritional benefits of eggs.

Experts believe that promoting the consumption of eggs as a portion of food to strengthen the immune system during the COVID-19 Pandemic could increase the consumption of this product per capita.

However, part of the eggs produced in Indian farms must be exported to balance the supply and demand in this country. This issue was eliminated after the outbreak of COVID-19 and the limitations in the field of logistics, and the production surplus in this country created several problems for egg producers.

The crisis following the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused producers, who had previously faced problems with high prices of cereals, to face more and more problems, and some egg producers bankrupted.

Meanwhile, the Indian government has tried to support producers through a free egg supply scheme for Indian children in schools. Under the scheme, each student received one egg a day, which the Indian government has increased to two this year.

despite the closure of schools, the products will be sent to students’ homes.

On the other hand with the start of the program “called Sampoorna Poshana”, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children aged 3 to 6 will also receive eggs.

The plans that have been implemented and given the country’s poultry farmers hope to the country’s egg production industry in the current crisis.

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