Highly pathogenic avian influenza has spread from Asia to Europe

Russian veterinary officials have announced their decision to ban the import of poultry products from some EU countries.

According to the officials, the decision was made after the outbreak of bird flu in these countries intensified.

Lithuania, Germany, and France are among the countries that will face these temporary restrictions.

The situation in Asia is similar to that in Europe. Researchers believe that the disease is spreading from Japan to India and has caused severe damage to the poultry industry in various countries.

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Highly pathogenic avian influenza has hit Japan

The fourteenth province of Japan is also affected by this disease. On the other hand, South Korean veterinary officials have announced the extermination of more than 20 million birds in different parts of the country. It also seems that this disease has affected industrial poultry in Iran.

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Highly Pathogenic avian influenza entered Iran

Under the current circumstances, we have to wait and see how the poultry industry will adapt to the current situation in the coming weeks.

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