Date :3 December 2020

Has the outbreak of COVID-19 increased chicken meat exports?

According to the latest report released by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO), by the end of 2019, chicken meat production in various parts of the world will grow by 2.6%.

Estimates by the same organization indicate that the food trade has shown considerable resilience during the pandemic period and that some developing countries have even increased their export earnings.

The organization’s experts believe that the sharpest decline in exports can be found in groups such as red meat. This could be due to factors such as declining household incomes following the outbreak of COVID-19.

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Meanwhile, the same organization’s estimates support that beef production has declined by 1.2 percent. This is the second year in a row that exports of this product have been declining

The organization’s experts believe that the outbreak of COVID-19 and its associated restrictions in various countries has led to all the predictions about the possibility of increasing the production of red meat being reconsidered and raised doubts.

Despite declining exports in these sectors, global trade in oilseeds has increased by 10%, and economists believe that demand for these products will increase again by 2021.

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In the meantime, it seems that the development of financial support for producers in different parts of the world and the reduction of disruptions in international and national transportation routes will have significant effects in this sector and can reduce prices and increase exports.

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