Global poultry producers worry about rising grain prices

Rising grain prices in various countries have caused poultry producers to oppose the export of these products from their countries.

In recent weeks, the decrease in rainfall in various production areas and the occurrence of drought has caused the planting and harvesting season in these areas to be delayed. This issue has raised the prices of these products and has even worried the producers of the poultry industry in these countries.

Meanwhile, forecasts suggest that China’s unprecedented increase in grain consumption could have significant effects on global markets.

It seems that this country has moved away from the widespread prevalence of COVID-19 earlier than other parts of the world, and with the increase in per capita consumption of animal proteins, its need for grains has also increased.

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A significant decline in world corn and soybean production

According to USDA forecasts, China’s corn imports for the current crop season could be more than 22 million tons.

However, some experts believe that the increase in grain prices in these countries can be offset by methods other than export bans and customs duties on these products.

Many commentators believe that imposing export duties on these products will have very bad consequences. Global markets have strategic and tactical implications for grain-exporting countries.

Becoming a major player in global markets is possible only based on rules and behaviors, the most important of which is to ensure a permanent supply.

Under the current circumstances, different countries can manage their domestic markets in different ways, but it seems that paying subsidies to the final producers of the poultry industry can be one of the best ways to control the market at production sites.

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