Exports of Argentina’s poultry products will increase

Experts believe that Argentina’s poultry industry will have a good time in 2021.

Some believe that chicken meat should be more popular due to the effects of the outbreak of COVID-19 on international red meat flows and the declining demand for these products.

An opportunity that could improve the conditions of its poultry industry if Argentina can take advantage of it properly. The US Department of Agriculture, in its latest report, predicts a 2% increase in US poultry production and exports by 2021.

Some poultry industry experts believe that the increase in exports of products from Argentina could lead to the growth of the country’s poultry industry.

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China, Chile, South Africa, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia are the top five destinations for poultry exports, according to statistics.

On the other hand, estimates show that eggs and chicken meat make up about 50 percent of the protein basket consumed by the citizens of this country.

During this year, the per capita consumption of chicken meat in this country has increased by 5% compared to 2019, reaching more than 50 kg.

It should be noted that poultry farming in Argentina is of particular importance.

In this regard, the Minister of Agriculture has announced in recent weeks that the Argentine government is trying to meet the needs of producers in this sector by implementing various programs and projects.

Estimates by statistical institutes in the country indicate that currently, more than 139 million poultry are being bred in the country.


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