Date :3 December 2020

EU’s New Problem: Improper implementation of the regional ban on HPAI

EU poultry industry economists are concerned about the growing outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza on the continent.

This group of experts believes that as the current outbreak continues, the export of poultry products from the continent may be banned for at least three to four months.

In recent weeks, the ban on exports from the union to various countries has intensified.

Meanwhile, some commentators believe that in most cases, the bans created to cover all products produced in a country, and the principles related to zoning in cases of an outbreak of the disease have not been observed. This issue could become a serious threat to the foreign trade of the European poultry industry.

In the latest measure, for example, South Korea has banned the import of poultry products from Sweden until further notice. Sweden has not yet reported any outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza, and South Korea has decided because it is within the European Union and borders some other countries.

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Given the above, it seems that international organizations should focus more on how to quarantine and ban areas affected by the disease so that despite the strictures in one area within a certain radius and other areas have allowed free trade of products.

It should not be forgotten that the logistical problems that have arisen since the outbreak of COVID-19 have created many problems for poultry producers, and such taste decisions can deal with another severe blow to the industry. A blow that may come at the cost of shutting down many businesses in this sector.

The European Union exported more than 2.5 million tonnes of poultry meat in 2019.

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