Efforts to increase per capita consumption of turkey meat in Ecuador

Ecuador’s turkey producers are facing serious problems on the eve of the New Year.

Turkey meat is one of the main dishes on the Christmas table of Ecuadorians, and therefore, a large amount of this product is purchased and consumed during December.

However, economic conditions for Ecuadorian families following the outbreak of COVID-19 have made it virtually difficult to predict the turkey meat market this year.

Turkey meat producers in the country have a production adjustment program on their agenda since the beginning of this year, so a reduction in turkey meat production in Ecuador will not be unexpected.

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Meanwhile, Ecuador’s National Poultry Company has announced that the country’s turkey meat production will be 14,600 tons by the end of 2020, down 10 percent from last year.

It seems that the occurrence of such issues has caused the Ecuadorian Ministry of Agriculture to try to increase the per capita consumption of turkey meat by the people of this country by implementing measures.

According to estimates, the per capita consumption of turkey meat in Ecuador is 0.84 kg.

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