Date :20 January 2021

Details of the Canadian government’s $ 690 million grant to poultry producers

The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture will provide more than $ 690 million to Canadian poultry and egg producers.

According to the ministry, the aid will be in the form of a federal budget and will go to producers who have lost market share due to the country’s recent free trade agreements.

Some experts believe that the three agreements, CETA, CPTPP, and CUSMA, have caused some Canadian manufacturers to lose their share of the Canadian domestic market.


Brian Bikes, Chairman of Canadian Hatching Egg Producers said that fertilized egg producers in the country have suffered significant financial losses since the signing of recent trade agreements.

According to the Canadian government, the budget which was designed with the help of manufacturers’ representatives, will be injected into the poultry industry within ten years.

Some believe that implementing the program will help innovate and grow the country’s poultry industry.

Meanwhile, more than 2,800 poultry farmers have issued a statement praising the government’s actions, saying the budget is the right step in developing the country’s poultry industry.

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