Date :31 October 2020

Consumer behavior of poultry products has changed !

Evaluations show that many consumers of poultry products are pessimistic about their economic and livelihood future.

In recent months, polling institutes in various countries have been examining the conditions governing communities.

In most cases, the results indicate that after the pandemic and quarantine period, a high percentage of citizens will not show much interest in using restaurants. An issue that may take weeks or months to return to normal.

On the other hand, some psychologists believe that normal conditions after the COVID-19 pandemic will be different from normal conditions before the outbreak.

This issue is perhaps one of the main reasons for reviewing the production of large chicken countries.

Social activists believe that such approaches could be due to the fear of these people about the possibility of outbreaks of COVID-19 and the conditions for reopening. Citizens are accustomed to the current quarantine situation.

Because of the above, it does not seem that the conditions of the tourism industry will return to normal in the coming years. An issue that can certainly affect the amount and manner of consumption of poultry products.

Statistics show that grocery stores and retailers are experiencing unprecedented popularity.

According to the above, companies producing poultry products should try to produce and consume their products in new formats under new social conditions governing communities with new packaging and creative designs and campaigns.

Ultimately, the use of technologies such as Blockchain, which can provide accurate information on how the poultry products produced for consumers will increase their confidence in production conditions.

It will certainly work!!!


By Dr.A.Gaeini


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