China’s corn shortage has reached 23 m tons

China’s corn shortage has exacerbated food security concerns. Rising corn prices in China have raised concerns in the country.

Some experts believe that a 10 percent drop in corn has pushed up prices in the country and corn imports to China will rise sharply.

Although China’s corn shortage would be good news for exporters such as Ukraine and the United States it could certainly boost global grain prices and have a direct impact on product prices in various countries.

Meanwhile, some believe that the recent presidential emphasis on preventing the loss of food resources in China has increased the speculation of analysts and importers of food resources to existing shortages in the country.

According to estimates, the level of inflation in the country’s food sector has reached its highest level in a decade.

Finally, Reuters analysts predict that the country will face a shortage of 30 million tons of corn. 23 million tons more than the quota allocated by the government for this product.

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