Challenges facing Brazil in exporting eggs to Mexico

An international health certificate has been issued for the export of eggs from Brazil to Mexico. The day before, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture issued a statement announcing the issuance of this certificate.

Officials at the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture believe that the export of Brazilian eggs to Mexico reflects the creation of more opportunities for Brazilian agriculture and puts a more conducive environment on the two countries’ trade agenda.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Center for Advanced Study of Applied Economics in its latest report announced the increase in egg prices in the country. The center noted in its report that demand for this product in Brazil is still stable, but supply is limited.

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Rising per capita egg consumption in Brazil

Some poultry industry commentators believe that this summer’s heatwave has caused losses in Brazil’s laying flocks while rising initial production costs have pushed up the final price of the product.

According to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, in 2019, Brazil earned more than $ 4.7 million from the export of this product to global markets.

Given the above, we have to wait and see whether Brazilian poultry farmers will be able to pursue their exports despite the existing shortages or not!

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