Careful planning of Brazil to enter the market of “halal” poultry products

The Brazilian poultry industry has been increasingly trying to expand its influence in different regions over the years.

Meanwhile, the markets of Asian countries, especially Arab countries, have been a high priority for Brazil.

The Brazilian poultry industry is trying to introduce itself as a reliable partner to supply the poultry products needed by Islamic countries and thus achieve a wide range of business opportunities in these countries.

Analysts believe that the country will be able to increase its influence in the Arab market if it increases its production in the field of “halal” food products.

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The poultry industry requires an integrated halal certification

According to studies, the growth rate of halal certification for agricultural products has been higher than in other sectors, and in the meantime, the demand for halal certification in Brazil has grown significantly in recent years.

The consumer market for halal products includes more than two billion consumers, and this has led many manufacturers to open special accounts to increase sales in this market.

On the other hand, research shows that the demand for halal poultry products is increasing. This is especially true after the outbreak of Covid-19. Analysts believe that the outbreak has led many people to consume halal poultry products for health reasons. In particular, the number of Muslims in the world is projected to increase to more than 3 billion by 2030.

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Expanding cooperation between Iran and Russia in the production of Halal food products

Brazil is currently one of the largest producers of halal poultry products in the world. Commentators believe that halal products account for more than 16 percent of Brazil’s food exports each year.

It should be noted that the assessments show that Brazil, India, Russia, and Argentina are the four largest exporters of halal food products to OIC member countries.

Finally, and because of the above, it seems that the Brazilians in recent years, have created a good way to expand the sale of their halal poultry products in Muslim countries and are trying to increase the sell this group of products in coming years.

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