Date :21 January 2021

BVA warns of implementing Brexit without proper planning

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has warned of the dangers of leaving the EU without a plan.

In its latest assessment of the situation in the country, the association has raised serious questions about the capacity and infrastructure of the country’s veterinary system.

The BVA has called on the British government to carefully define the process of its agreements so that proper planning can be done to monitor the quality of the animal protein after Brexit.

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Concerns of poultry consumers in the UK about No-deal Brexit

Some experts believe that the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country has put the UK veterinary system under increasing pressure.

In another part of its statement, the association referred to the existing concerns about the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Europe and blamed the outbreak for the double workload under the current conditions.

The BVA has finally asked the British government to provide the association with the statistics and information it needs for better planning so that the country does not face any particular problems after the full implementation of the Brexit process.

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