Argentina’s corn and soybean cultivation Decreased

Only 75% of soybean predictions have been made in Argentina.

Some experts believe that the problems related to the decrease in rainfall in this country, especially in the northern regions, have been among the most important reasons for this.

However, estimates suggest that planting this crop, especially in the central regions of the country, will increase relatively in the coming weeks.

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Workers strike in Argentine grain ports

On the other hand, it does not seem that the area under corn cultivation in this country, during the current crop year, is more than 65% of the real potential of this country.

The information comes as the strike by workers at the country’s grain ports has continued for the third week in a row without an agreement. This issue has caused many problems for the agriculture of this country.

Economists believe that Argentina is not in a good economic position. Increasing poverty in the country to 42%, high inflation, and low investment are among the most important problems in this country, especially during 2020.

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