Date :4 December 2020

Are the conditions facing the poultry industry predictable until the end of the pandemic ?!

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused significant changes in the consumption of poultry products in different parts of the world.

Some experts believe that due to the different conditions in the supply chains of poultry products, the industry is not able to withstand severe market fluctuations.

Therefore, the existing fluctuations caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 can cause serious problems in this area.

Meanwhile, the lack of specific conditions in the coming months has created a kind of uncertainty in the poultry industry market, which can lead to continued instability for the market of products in this industry, especially at the global level.

Some experts believe that this instability will continue for at least one year.

It should be borne in mind that one of the most important aspects considered in such predictions is the consumption of poultry products in public complexes and restaurants.

In fact, with the outbreak of the second wave of the disease and the resumption of quarantine in different parts of the world, and the closure of these centers again, the results of many previous predictions will be distorted.

Finally, although many analyzes have been published in recent months regarding the possibility of increasing the consumption of processed products, the opinions of some experts, especially in recent days, indicate that due to the fluctuations, it is not possible to clarify the situation and predicted the coming months.

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