Date :20 January 2021

The need to change the plans of European poultry industry activists to deal with the effects of Covid-19 disease

The effects of the Covid-19 outbreak appear to be causing major changes in food supply systems in Europe.

However some commentators believe that Europeans should change their management and control programs regarding the effects of the disease on the poultry industry from short to medium term.

Transport restrictions, tightening safety and health measures and declining food trade are just some of the continent’s current problems. Problems that cause companies to operate at higher costs with less business capacity.

Despite the current challenges, the poultry industry’s logistics activities continue in the wake of the outbreak of Covid-19.

Some experts hope to reopen businesses related to the poultry industry, such as restaurants, during the summer and the peak of the European tourist season. The hope that, if not met in the near future, the outlook for the current market downturn will inevitably change significantly.

Under such circumstances, many companies operating in different parts of the poultry product supply chain will be excluded from the commercial activities around it, and other companies will face these adverse conditions by hitting each other like pieces of a domino.

But there are many commentators who believe that the outbreak of Covid-19 could lead to a new chapter in competition, especially in digital marketing in the poultry industry. In the meantime, taking advantage of innovation in consumer markets can help manufacturers and traders to improve the current situation.

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